Animated SVG Browser Icons - WordPress Plugin

These animated SVG icons are the perfect way to tell your customers that your app, theme, or game works perfectly in all (or some) major browsers. Add icons with just a couple clicks using Visual Composer or the WordPress text edtor. They only animate when they’re visible on your screen. They’re all SVGs (scaleable vector graphics), which means that you can make them any size and show them on any screen (even retina), and they’ll look 100% crisp and clear.

Compatible With All Major Browsers

It’d be pretty funny if these animated browser logos didn’t work in all major browsers, wouldn’t it. Don’t worry, they even work flawlessly in IE and on iOS.

Adding Icons

Adding an icon is incredibly simple and can be done using the WordPress editor, Visual Composer, or shortcodes.
  1. Click on the Jalapeño logo
  2. Pick the icon, size, link, and margin

Compare This Scaled SVG to What a JPG or PNG looks like

Free Flat Icons

If you like the icons used in this preview, check out the free, non-animated versions here..