for WooCommerce is an up and coming payment provider in Germany. Buy online and pay cash in one of 3000 retail stores of dm, real, Telekom or mobilcom debitel. This Plugin adds the payment gateway to the check-out process in WooCommerce. After checking out with the customer can either print out an receipt or get a code via text message. Based on the delivery address the next three retail stores are listed on the receipt. All retail stores can be found on the website The customer now has to go to a retail store and make the payment. He is automatically getting reminders from in case he is not making a payment within X days. Shortly after the customer payed, the transaction is visible in the back end and a notification e-mail is sent to the customer and seller. To fully automate the payment process you need to activate API access (it is easy, we explain how it works), so the transactions are getting pushed into WooCommerce, updating the order status. Since is online available in Germany, the plugin settings are in german (Screenshot). We are currently working on an english version.