Custom Facebook Fan Gate Plugin for Wordpress

Facebook Custom Fan Gate for Wordpress is a plugin that adds an overlay pop up over the home page and the posts of your Wordpress blog. The user has to like a specified url to close the layer or click the close button. It’s also called “like gate”. This plugin speed up building your fan base. Having a big number of fans means that you can post content to your walls and increase traffic to your site. It differs from other similar plugins because:
  1. you can use a custom image to completely personalize the pop up style (no borders, no fixed dimensions, no titles!).
  2. this is the only plugin that comes with stats and historical data and makes a simple chart with the numbers of likes gained
Here are all the features described in this documentation:
  • it comes with ready to use presets to go live now!
  • you can use a specified image as pop up
  • you can decide where to place the facebook like and the close button with drag and drop
  • choose between different facebook button style (standard, button, button count, box count)
  • optionally shows faces of already fans
  • optionally removes close button (like becomes mandatory)
  • optionally avoid pop up on mobiles (annoying!)
  • you can customize close button colors
  • it adds a cookie when a user likes, to remember it
  • it adds a cooike when a user close the pup up and it shows the pop up back after a week/month/monthes
  • if you use facebook connect on your blog, it can check if user has already liked your page
  • it shows likes gained per day and other stats
  • it hows likes over a period
  • it shows cumulative likes line chart
  • it shows daily likes line chart
  • Version History
    v.1.1. bug fixes, 2,8,2014
    v.1 first release, 2/1/2014