Exchange Floating Cart

If you always wanted your customers to be able to calculate the cost of their entire order without navigate to and from the checkout page, then this is the plugin you have been waiting for! Exchange Floating Cart Plugin creates a shopping cart tab that hovers or “floats” above your Exchange store. Clicking on the tab will launch a modal window / slide panel – displaying the customer’s shopping cart items and subtotal. The subtotal updates instantly, just like, both on the tab and in the cart window. Floating Cart is visible site-wide, and within the easy reach of your customers. No matter where your customers are, they can always access the cart with just one click! This plugin certainly can optimize your customers’ shopping experience as well as encourage increased order values. Floating Cart also comes with an options panel that allows you to customize the plugin in the following ways: - Change the placement of the button - Option to show or hide cart total - Select the button color - Choose whether to use lightbox cart / slide cart - Add custom css