Famax - Facebook Fan Page on your Website

Famax 3.0 is a WordPress plugin used to display any Facebook Fan Page on your website.
Valentine’s Day Special Demo
YouTube Fan Page demo – Grey Skin
Vimeo Fan Page demo – White Skin

Basically the plugin displays the below items:

1. FanPage Header – picture, cover pic, likes etc.
2. Posts of the page
3. What people are posting on the page (Tags)
4. Any Album of the page
5. Like button
6. Popup for Images and Videos
7. Better algorithm to pull high quality images from Facebook feeds
“Don’t keep sending your users to Facebook. Instead, bring your FanPage to them!”


Grey Skin – HNY FanPage

Grey Skin – Youtube FanPage

White Skin

Multiple Image Post

Tags – what people are saying

Load More

Mobile Mode

Features of Famax 3.0:

1. Show Facebook Albums (each album in a Tab)
2. Lazy Loading of images (first loads a Low definition pic and then loads a HD pic)
3. A new grey Skin for Famax
4. Ability to select any Tab on page load

Features of Famax 2.0:

1. Works on any device size (responsive + fluid)
2. Fancy layout (new grid + header)
3. Load more button for feeds
4. Improved lightbox popup for videos (responsive + fluid)
5. Optimized code overload (minified JS+CSS ~ 50KB)
6. Uses Facebook v2.2 API
7. A Tab for your Fan Page posts
8. Another tab for your Fan Page Tags (and what people are posting on your page)
9. Drop Down in place of tabs for Mobile mode
10. Customize anything with CSS (or send us an Email)
Documentation – How to use the plugin?
jQuery version is available for Non-WordPress websites
Sample Shortcodes and documentation link is available in the download package.
Let us know any features you would like in the next version – [email protected]