Flow-Flow — Social Streams for WordPress

Flow-Flow Social Streams for WordPress is premium WordPress social plugin to display social feeds in beautiful grid with optional filters and live search. Plugin is responsive and also can be slider depending on device or layout chosen. Smart caching with server task allows to deliver content almost instantly without long page loading, it’s especially useful when many networks are pulled or you have big traffic. It’s great to use this plugin for streaming your news, photos, social reviews and any other purpose you can imagine! Make portfolio, show client testimonials by your company’s tag etc. We’re focusing on increasing the number of use cases for plugin. With shortcode support you can put your stream in any block on your site. It works in compact mode within narrow blocks like sidebar.


  • All popular social networks and their number is growing.
  • Smart server caching.
  • Intuitive and clean interface of admin panel with live preview.
  • Shortcodes support.
  • Responsive design with swipes support for sliding on mobiles.
  • Attractive animations and hover effects.
  • Tons of options to make your design personal and awesome.
  • Colorpicker for everything!
  • Unlimited feeds per one stream. Unlimited streams per one site.
  • Special design for sidebar.
  • Two card templates and a lot of presets.
  • Expanding/collapsing for cards with a lot of content
  • Plugin is developing and already has great potential so if you like it but it lacks important feature you need please request it! Also inform us about any problem you faced with plugin


  • More social networks.
  • More use cases.
  • More design layouts.
  • More animations.
  • More customizations.
  • More EVERYTHING (request!).
  • Feeds to stream

  • Twitter: home timeline, user feed, hashtags.
  • Facebook: home timeline, any public profile.
  • Google+: any public profile.
  • Instagram: home timeline, user or hashtag.
  • Pinterest: user or board.
  • WordPress: posts, comments.
  • RSS: any valid feed.
  • Request your social nerwork or feed!
  • Additional feed options

  • Twitter: show/hide retweets, show/hide replies.
  • Facebook: show/hide attached content.
  • Google+: show/hide attached content.
  • Pinterest: show/hide text description.
  • Instagram: show/hide text description.
  • Design and styling options

    Flow-Flow provides a great customization for design and stylings. Nice-looking professionally made layouts, different styles. Flow-Flow has many to choose from! Here’s a few examples you can try.

    How multiple feeds actually work

    First of all you can create unlimited Flow-Flow streams on your site. The magic thing is that you then add as much social feeds from one or different social networks as you want. For example, you want to include in one stream 3 twitter accounts, 1 twitter hashtag, 2 google+ accounts and 5 facebook feeds. No problem! Here is a visual scheme: Admin panel provides clear indication of important stuff and is very convenient. You can easily manage your streams from one compact list.


    Filter is optional feature of Flow-Flow. If you would like to use plugin with complex streams this feature could be handy.


    Version 1.0 - Plugin is approved on CodeCanyon Please leave your feedback on comments page, I’m interested to improve the product with focus on clients’ satisfaction. If you have issues please send message via contact form I’ll try to update/fix as soon as possible.
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