Frontend File Manager

This wordpress plugin renders nice, secure and responsive upload form. User select files from computer of any type (set by admin) and can manage these files like download, edit and even share with other users with email. Users can also create directories to manage files. All user files are displayed on same  upload form. There are two templates which can be used to list all uploaded file by users. All files can be downloaded, deleted by admin using plugin admin pages.

How it works?

  • Install plugin from zip file and activate plugin
  • Once plugin is activated you can access options from Admin -> FileManager
  • This option panel have five tabs. Each option is explained in detail against their titles
  • Once you ready with options, now time to create Front page. Just create new page.
  • And paste this shortcode: [nm-wp-file-uploader]
  • Recommendation: use Full width page template
  • Free and fast support via email, skype or comments.
  • Plugin Features

  • File meta in 7 different types of input
  • BuddyPress ready for group file sharing
  • File sharing via email
  • Thumbs support for images
  • File Quota against each WP Roles
  • Responsive design
  • Secure upload script (approved by
  • Customization

    This plugin gives admin bunch of options to control this plugin like:
    1. Set file types, limit and size
    2. File Meta (7 types of inputs)
    3. Disable/Enable file listing area
    4. Disable/Enable file upload area
    5. Allow non-registered users to upload files without login.
    6. Create download area (users can download files only)
    7. Customize upload button text, color, BG color, label etc
    8. Disable directories, turn off directory creation
    9. Change templates (two template provided for listing files)
    10. Add more recipients to get alert on each upload
    11. Set messages like: on file save, on error, Non-logged user etc
    12. Can access all files from admin panel.

    2 Template Styles



  • URL:
  • username: test_upload
  • password: pass_upload