Google Analytics in WordPress

Google Analytics in WordPress is the WordPress plugin to display Google Analytics within WordPress (Dashboard page,Under edit post and Front end).

With this plugin there is no need to explore the Google Analytics because every thing is already in your WordPress.Stats are displayed in such a way that its easy to understand and have control which stats portions are need to displayed.Plugin is designed with bootstrap and uses latest Google PHP client API. Its possible to change the Panel colors to match your own branding and change the plugin name and logo whatever you want. its also possible to update Google client information for authentication process

Google Analytics in WordPress – Features

  1. Quick Overview (Page Load time.Total number of hits.Total Exits, Page Views, User Session Duration.Bounce Rate,New Users,Visited Users, Sessions)
  2. Users Type (New/Returning)
  3. Ten days Stats for selected dates
  4. Top Ten Events occur on your site
  5. Top Ten Mobile Devices
  6. Top Ten Languages with countries
  7. Top Ten Keywords
  8. Top five Browsers
  9. Top Ten Referrers stats
  10. Your site on Social Media
  11. Country Wise Stats
  12. Top pages by views and exists
  13. Real time Stats
  14. WordPress Multisite Compatible..
  15. Object oriented coding…
  16. Translation Ready (French) want to get your own language just drop an email..

Here is the stats portions of plugin