Kunaki Magic

Kunaki Magic is a WooCommerce Extension that allows Musicians, Filmmakers, Software companies, or anyone to sell their own CDs or DVDs, one at a time, on-demand, on their website. All without the hassle of having to buy inventory, pack, or ship the product to the customer. Kunaki Magic connects directly to Kunaki, the world’s best cd/dvd duplicator. So, when your customer orders a CD/DVD, in your WooCommerce Shopping cart system, Kunaki Magic places the order with Kunaki. Kunaki will then manufacture, pack, and ship it, to your customer’s doorstep. Hands Free. No more runs to the Post Office. No more buying packing materials. No more wasting time! This software simply saves you time and money! PLUGIN REQUIREMENTS This use of this plugin, requires the following: 1. You must be using a self-hosted installation of Wordpress as your website, 2. You must have installed and setup, the free WooCommerce Ecommerce plugin from http://woothemes.com, 3. You must have a free account at Kunaki.com, 4. Before you can add a Kunaki product to your WooCommerce Product list, you must have already uploaded a CD or DVD to Kunaki. It must be ready to be sold. And you will also need the KUNAKI Product ID for each CD/DVD you plan sell. How to SETUP this plugin: 1. Ensure you have WooCommerce Shopping cart Wordpress plugin installed and setup. 2. If you do not have WooCommerce setup – Follow this Step-by-Step video guide to setting up WooCommerce. http://youtu.be/y1m3xAyVgqk 3. Install and activate the Kunaki Magic plugin. 4. Enter your Envato / CodeCanyon license key, (found in the downloads section of your CodeCanyon account), and click the verify button. 5. Go to the WooCommerce plugin settings section, enter your Kunaki.com Account login/password. How to add a WooCommerce Product that is a KUNAKI CD/DVD 1. Under the WooCommerce Products menu. Click “Add Product” 2. Enter the product name and description. 3. In the General Tab, enter the KUNAKI Product ID in the “SKU” field. 4. In the General Tab, CHECK the checkbox that is labeled, “Kunaki Product”

5. In the General Tab, CHECK the checkbox that is labeled, “Virtual”