Ninja Forms - WP User Field

Ninja Forms – WP User Field is an add-on for Ninja Forms which allows you to save the Wordpress User who submitted a form.


  • Enhance any ninja form with user tracking
  • Good for survey / support / content forms
  • Works with any theme / browser
  • Contact me with your feature requests
  • How it Works

    Ninja Forms – WP User Field adds a new field, to the form editor in Ninja Forms. This field will store the user who submitted that form.

    Usage Instructions

    1. Make sure you have Ninja Forms installed, this plugin requires it. 2. Install the plugin (Wordpress Plugin Installation Instructions) 3. You now have a new field available to add to your Ninja Forms. Simply create or edit a form and add the field called “WP User” to a form. 4. A new column will be added to the submissions for that form, which contains the user that submitted that entry. You can change the title of this column by setting the “Label” property for that field.