Popularity - Filtering And View Tracking WP Plugin

What Is Popularity?

Popularity is an ultimate WP widget, visual composer element and WP editor shortcode for filtering and displaying not only pages and posts, but all of the custom post types available by the plugins and the themes. With its powerful dynamic filter, built from the registered taxonomies, it is the only plugin needed in its area.
You can chose for example to display all posts from the category “General” which have tag “awesome”. So this plugin allows you to use all of the taxonomies connected to the post type and create a filter. Additionally you are able to sort the posts by numerous options including the number of views.
You are also able to select time interval from which the posts will be gathered.

List Of The Features

  • Keep track of number of views of all post types ( posts, pages, and all of the registered custom post types ).
  • Scans for all custom post types, posts and pages.
  • Scans for all registered taxonomies and creates filters.
  • Filter post types by taxonomies.
  • Can be added via widget, visual composer, anywhere where WP editor is.
  • Unlimited number of templates.
  • With thumbnail or without thumbnail.
  • With progress bars or without them.
  • Cool progress bars.
  • Predefined time intervals.
  • Define starting date and time for the time interval.
  • Define ending date and time for the time interval.
  • Unlimited colors.
  • 600+ google fonts
  • Tons of layout options to play with.
  • Default template for jump start included.
  • Limit length of the title.
  • Order records by:
  • None
  • Number Of Views
  • Number Of Comments
  • Post ID
  • Author
  • Title
  • Name
  • Date Added
  • Date Modified
  • Random
  • And much more...

  • Customization

    Under the options you have tons of options which will allow you to create multiple different styles for multiple elements. You can set all of the colors, fonts, font sizes, font weights, borders, border radii, spacings, progress bar colors and style, etc…