Social Time Master - Social Autoposter

Social Time Master is a unique original social autoposter that lets you schedule hundreds of social posts with a few clicks of the mouse and manage everything visually, using a powerful, and easy to use Timeline Interface.

Here’s a list of some of the features

  • Flexible and easy to use Visual Timeline – the most easy way to preview and manage your social posts.
  • Post to unlimited social accounts. Currently supported are Twitter, Facebook Accounts, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Tumblr.
  • Import all your Facebook Groups and Pages by simply adding your user account.
  • Unlimited sharing variations for each blog post – you can have multiple sharing details for each blog post – title, description, image and even unique URL. This will let you share the same post many times, but you can also use it to split-test multiple titles and images and see which ones bring more traffic.
  • The plugin will add Twitter Cards and Facebook Meta Tags to your web pages to guarantee proper formatting when the posts are shared on the social sites.
  • integration and click stats. From one location you can see how many clicks each social post received.
  • Import posts from RSS feed. You can mix the content you’re posting with external sources and blogs (yours or not).
  • Bulk import URLs. Just provide a list of URLs and the plugin will extract all the data and will schedule the social posts.
  • Template-based scheduling – you can schedule hundreds of shares for every blog post with just 3 clicks of the mouse.
  • Schedule all your existing blog posts in a minute. If you install the plugin on a blog where you already have posts published it is easy to schedule all them for social sharing. With this feature I was able to schedule 800 social posts for 20 blog posts in 20 seconds. But there’s actually no limit… you can beat my record easily.
  • Post log and history. You have a full list with all the social posts made, including click stats and links to the live posts on the social sites.
  • Version control and one click update when there are new versions of the plugin.
  • And many many more…