Woocommerce Anti Fraud

Easily detect fraudulent transactions on your woocommerce store.

We know that fraudulent transactions fuel a large sector of the ecommerce industry. When a fraudulent transaction made via your online store, as the store owner, you should act swiftly to:
  • Ensure your customer are not affected
  • Minimise hassles for you.
  • From that view, we developed “Woocommerce Anti Fraud” plugin to help you to pick up fraudulent transactions and by scanning and providing a score for each transaction made via your online store, catch them as they happen.

    Pre configured Rules:

    If a fraudulent transaction is detected, the plugin can be configured to perform one or more automated actions.
  • Cancel the order
  • Hold Order
  • Without changing order status, notify store admin by email.
  • By using this plugin in your woocommerce store, you may assured a safer shopping experience for your customers and enables you to avoid hassles of unchecked fraudulent transactions.

    Risk score & advice:

    Its allows you to quickly evaluate the potential risk level of the transaction and act accordingly. Its work perfectly for provided per transactions.