Woocommerce Direct Bulk Category Discount Pro Plugin

DBC PRO category discount plugin is an extension for woocommerce plugin. This will enable you to apply discount in a selected category / sub category by percentage or fixed amount. Unlike other bulk discount plugin it enables you to show discounts on all essential pages such as shop page, single product page, category page, cart page. You can schedule your sales per category, enable a smart sales badge, show a responsive ticker on any page with short code and much more…! Features : ? Enables you to add discount to all products in one category in one go. ? Enables you to add discount in amount or percentage. ? Apply discount to all products on your store. ? Apply discounts to sub categories. ? Enable or disable a smart sales badge. ? Schedule the sales for each category or sub category separately. ? Show a responsive ticker on any page using a short code. ? Show a countdown timer on single product page. ? Show a custom message with countdown timer. ? Percentage discounts are automatically calculated for each product by plugin and applied to sale price of product. ? Overrides old sale price and inputs new sale price after calculating discount automatically. ? Configuration controls to change color, text and add custom CSS. ? Reset Button for each category / subcategory. ? Discounts show on invoices. ? Works for Simple and Variable products, both. ? Easy to remove sale from all products in a category. ? Discount visible on products on shop page, product detail page and cart page. ? Compatible with WP V4.0 ? Compatible with Woocommerce V2.2.X ? A must have plugin.