Woocommerce Festi Cart

WooCommerce Festi Cart is a WordPress eCommerce plugin for easy placing the shopping cart anywhere you want in your theme and customize it.


  • Ability to add cart for menus and widget
  • Hiding cart if its empty
  • Shortcode capability
  • Dropdown cart items list
  • ‘Delete product from cart’ functionality in dropdown list
  • Different ways to display icon and text position
  • Over 10 cart default icons
  • Custom icon image upload
  • Custom cart title
  • Ability to display only items,only price or cart icon without text
  • Responsive & mobile ready
  • Technical Support

    If you have any questions, please contact us profile page or email support AT festi DOT io Also, if have any suggestions and ideas to make this plugin better, please write to us. If it will be interesting – we can do it FREE for you!


    1.1.(June 20 2014) * Fixed plugin installed bug. * Added price total and item settings 1.0 (June 19 2014) * First release