Woocommerce Request a Review

When buying online, one the the things that will influence a buyer into purchasing a product is what other buyers of the same product have to say. However, getting a review for a product can be difficult as buyers pretty much forget about placing a review once they have their item. The plugin aims to rectify this by sending a reminder email to customers asking them to place a review on their recent purchase. The plugin will automatically send an email to customers after a certain number of days (that you specify) after the order is completed. The products that a review is requested for is also determined by you with options for ask for a review for all products in the order or for specific products which will be chosen based on a set of parameters that you set. You also have the option of manually selecting the products and sending out the email yourself. The plugin has been specifically designed to be ‘setup and forget’! Once set, the plugin will automatically schedule and send email with no further input from you!