WooCommerce SMS Notifications

Send your customers individual notes or bulk payment reminders via text message. Benefit from average 98% open-rate, global coverage1 and delivery within seconds1. Ramp up your customer relationship at very low cost. This plugin supports multiple major SMS gateways2 with more to come as we continue the development of this plugin. Please let us know if you are missing a certain provider. This plugin is brought to you by infona.net – we love web development, e-commerce and digital products Features =Preparation= - Send messages to your customers via text message. - Select orders using filters and search to add recipients to the mailing lists on the fly. - Easily delete recipients from the mailing list. - Compose your text message, personalize them by using shortcodes - See the character count in real-time while typing the message. When inserting shortcodes, the longest value of your current mailing list will be counted. - Set a custom originator1 - Check the overview, including the text and the recipients, before sending the messages = Sending = - Phone numbers of recipients are automatically converted to meet the gateway provider’s required notation. Special characters get removed, missing/wrong formatted country codes are added/fixed based on the shipping address country. - See your remaining prepaid credit within the plugin in real-time1 = Logging = - Outgoing text messages are logged: – At WP Admin Panel->WooCommerce->Orders as a private note within the regarding order – At WP Admin Panel->WooCommerce->SMS Notifications->History including date, text, receiver, originator, related order id, the username, IP and browser of the operating WordPress user, for your control and protection from possible spam complaints - Every error is logged to the log file wp-content/uploads/woocommerce-sms-notifications/woocommerce-sms-notifications-log.txt Requirements - WooCommerce 2.2 or higher - WordPress 3.0 or higher Supported Gateways - Net-M / http://www.net-mobile.com - First Telecom / http://www.first-telecom.de - Clockwork / http://www.clockworksms.com Installation - Download the plugin - Upload: – Via FTP: unzip the .zip file, upload the file to /wp-content/plugins/ – Via WordPress backend: Plugins->Install->Upload Plugin->Browse-> select the plugin zip file - Activate the plugin at WP Admin Panel->Plugins - Choose your SMS gateway Provider at WP Admin Panel->WooCommerce->SMS Notifications->Settings and fill in your gateway credentials - That’s it. on your provider and plan. use this plugin and send SMS you need to set up an account at one of the supported SMS gateway providers.