WooCommerce Surf To Discount

WooCommerce Surf To Discount  automatically  creates a discount  coupon for each logged user based on different product groups such as categories, attributes or tags. Every day your customers will benefit from various discounts on various products. This will enhance interest in your website and will ensure daily visits because the users will be checking what is on discount every day. Advantages:
  1. Every day each customer will have different reduced merchandise group which is randomly chosen.
  2. The merchandise groups are determined randomly such that everyone gets a discount of a group different from the other users.
  3. The reduced price of each discounted product is shown in real time.
  4. Customizable product badge is visible from the catalog and from a single product page .
  5. Coupon is automatically generated when a discounted product is added to the cart.
  6. A widget shows today’s personal discount for each logged user and encourages the unregistered users to create an account.
  • Easy and intuitive discount groups selection.
  • Ability to exclude or include certain categories, attributes or tags from the discount groups.
  • Individual discount rate for each group.
  • Enable / Disable “on sale” products feature.
  • Enable / Disable certain users from receiving product discounts.
  • Easy customization of the catalog badge.
  • Monitor user’s activity, their discounts and order’s history
  • Highly customizable Surfing User Discount widget view.
  • Enable / Disable the Surfing User Discount widget for unregistered users.
  • Requirements:
  • Woocommerce installed.
  • Enable the use of Woocommerce coupons.
  • Other notes: This extension works only with simple and variable product types and with up to three levels of product categories (eg: category -> sub-category -> sub-sub-category). Admin demo use demo for username and password.
    Frontend demo
    Create the discount groups
    View video demo