WordPress Conditional Flow Survey Plugin

SurveyDX is a robust sales funnel plugin for WordPress. You can use it to create highly converting sales funnels and build humongous lists. SurveyDX lets you create catchy surveys that help your users move forward in your sales funnel. SurveyDX works with most properly-coded WordPress themes. It works straight out of the box. You can customize your surveys to match your business colors too. This WordPress survey plugin is powered by advanced conditional logic. This lets visitor responses decide what the next question of the survey will be. This logic ensures that the visitor stays with you till the point of conversion. Most survey plugins simply throw a pre-defined set of questions to a user. SurveyDX works differently. It lets you create custom questionnaires that are chosen in real time when a person is responding to a survey.
Advanced Conditional Logic :
SurveyDX lets you define specific sequence of questions for each answer option. So if your vistor picks optin A as the answer to a specific survey question, you can direct the user to a pre-defined next question. Likewise if the visitor chooses option B, you can put forward a different question. This WordPress survey plugin lets you base future survey questions based on what choices that a visitor makes in the last step. Do you realize how close this is to literally keeping a visitor hooked. With each question, you know more about the visitor and put even more focussed questions. You’re literally pulling a visitor into your funnel.
Mobile first (Responsive)
SurveyDX is made following the mobile first approach. It adapts beautifully to all mobile and tablet screen resolutions. Customizable
All the elements of your survey are easily customizable. You can create surveys in your own business colors and add your logo to the header if you want. By default, SurveyDX comes shipped with 3 cool themes.
You are notified whenever a visitor completes a survey.
Flexible Placement :
You can place your surveys in your sidebar, pages or widget areas.
HTML Support :
You can use HTML in your survey’s content area.
Multimedia Support :
You can add images and videos to your surveys and base questions on them . Fully integrated with leading video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler and more.
Exportable Reports :
SurveyDX lets you export a Spreadsheet with details of your visitors responses.
In-built Analytics :
You can evaluate the performance of your answer options in both the percentage and the count parameters. So you can see how many times or what percentage of visitors chose a particular option as the answer. Such insights can be very useful in making strategic decisions.
Selective Placement of Surveys
SurveyDX can be placed on selective pages and posts. So if you have a post about SEO tips and have an upcoming SEO course, you can create a survey on your post and start collecting emails for your upcoming course. You can also set to show the surveys category and page-wise. This feature helps you build laser-targeted lists.
Advanced Segmentation
As your survey gets more targeted with each question, you continue to gain more insights about the visitors. This information helps you in placing the visitors in the most suitable segment.
Integrated with all the popular autoresponder services
SurveyDX works with most leading email marketing services like Aweber, GetResponse, Icontact, Mailchimp and more.
Multisite ready
You can run SurveyDX comfortably even in a multi-site environment.
Why you must use SurveyDX :
Making an irresistible offer needs some insight into the prospect’s mind. SurveyDX lets you collect exactly these. Even if you just manage to get them on to your list at the end of your survey, you will still generate a highly focussed leads list. You don’t just get their emails, but also some invaluable information about them. This gives you the perfect head start when you make them an offer.