WP PRO Banner Creator

Wordpress Photoshop style banner creator!

The wp pro banner creator allows you to edit/create banners directly on your website. You can add extra images, shapes and text to existing/uploaded banners on your website!
- Ready to use with the “WP Pro Advertising System”!

List of Features

  • Load/Upload banners: Simply use existing or upload new banners from your website.
  • Add images: Add multiple images on top of each other.
  • Add shapes: create circle or rectangle shapes to add on top of your banners. you can also change the colors of the shapes.
  • Add Text: Add text on top of your banners. You can change the color and border color of the text. You can also change the font famaly include all available Google Fonts!
  • Change Opacity: Change the opacity level for each individual layer.
  • Position items by Drag and Drop: Simply position the items on your banner by dragging them to the right place.
  • Save banner: Save your updated banner as .png files and link them to your Wordpress Media so they can be used anywhere on your website.