Amazon Bestseller for WordPress

Amazon Bestseller for WordPress uses the Amazon Product API and displays a bestseller list on your WordPress posts and pages. You can easily use the plugin on several pages including different categories and lengths. – Please don’t forget to rate my plugin if you enjoyed it!


  • Use the [amazon] shortcode and display your desired Amazon bestseller list
  • Create bestseller lists for every product category or keyword you want (e.g. “mainboards” or “usb 3.0 cable”)
  • Diversify the maximum amount of entries (e.g. top 3, top 10 lists)
  • Every product link will include your tracking id to receive sale commissions
  • Compatible to the following Amazon pages: .de / .com / / .ca / .fr / / .it / .cn / .es / .in /
  • Full responsive functionality
  • Configuration page for more options coming soon
  • Planned and upcoming features

  • Different and custom styling
  • Show “Sale only” lists
  • Resources

  • Try out the online demo
  • Well prepared and detailed documentation
  • Regular updates and improvements: Go though the changelog
  • Quick Start

    Use brackets e.g. [amazon bestseller=”mainboards”] to display your Amazon bestseller list. If you don’t have already you need an Amazon account to allow the plugin communicating with the Amazon Product API.