Animated Typewriter Effect - A Premium WordPress Plugin

Premium Wordpress Typewriting Plugin

Make a Typewriter effect very easily.
  • Any font can be used. Use your own font easily
  • Publish your animation anywhere in a page, an article or a widget with shortcode
  • Multiple animation on same page
  • Icons font supported :
  • Manage : typing speed, start delay, back speed, back delay, show cursor, blink cursor, loop… and customize your animation
  • Randomize parameter, humanize your effect with a randomize speed.
  • Create animations and publish them in 5 minutes.
  • Create, save and edit your animations
  • Any browser compatibility,(IE included)
  • Usage

    Create your animation in wordpress admin panel. Choose font, adjust the parameters. Click “Preview” button to preview rendering. Save him, copy and paste shortcode on a page, section or widget : [fanim snippet=1] You can set an infinite number of sentences. Each sentence is written one after another. Your phrases can contain HTML tags, pauses.

    Line break

    You can insert line break in your text with or </br>

    Type Pausing

    You can pause in the middle of a string for a given amount of time by including an escape character (in ms) You are really ^1000 awesome !! ( ^1000 for 1s)


    Customer feedback


    Version 1.5 – 2 January 2015 Add 2 options : Blink cursor (on/off) Randomize parameter (humanize typing with random variable) Version 1.2 – 30 December 2014 Fixes bug Beautiful interface Version 1.00 – 28 December 2014