Awesome Live Chat

Provide awesome support for your customers and increase the potential clients. Awesome live chat was built with care and good technologies all around, including coffee script and less for smooth development with high OOP PHP structure.


  • No third party service
    Now you don’t need to rely on monthly subscriptions and what not. You host everything under WordPress.
  • Excellent for quick support
    You can answer visitor queries in seconds with a intuitive chat experience. Make the feel awesome.
  • Non breakable chat sessions
    Yes! The chat experience transfers over to other tabs that people visit during a chat. Never loose a client running away.
  • Responsive on the go
    Visitors will feel a responsive feel whether using desktop, tablet or mobile.
  • Infinite operators
    There is no limit to the number of operators you maintain. Have as many of them as you desire.
  • Infinite departments
    Departments are infinite. All depends upon your organization.
  • Offline messages
    Office hours closed? Let visitors send you offline messages.
  • Know your visitors
    You will find out where your visitors are coming from, including the country (with a flag), city and ip address.
  • Awesome dashboard
    First time seen dashboard. All smooth, slick and responsive. Adjust the plugin from the dashboard intuitively.
  • ... and much much more.
  • Click here to have a chat

    Coming up

    A Socket.IO server is already prepared but needs some testing and documentation. This will make the chat experience instant in real-time. Note that the server will be sold separately. The reason being is that most customers won’t have root access to their hosting which will be required. We have an awesome server built to handle hand held devices. They are coming soon. Again, this will be sold separately for different customers and purposes.


    I would like to thank all the incredible people behind these… (exclude myself)
  • Awesome live chat is built upon the WordPress Boots framework, built by myself.
  • AjaxIO, also by myself
  • Front end UI development is built using Less CSS, Coffee script, Backbonejs, jQuery, Bootstrap
  • Frame utility by Iframe Resizer
  • Web icons by FontAwesome
  • Flag icons by Flagpedia
  • Geo detection by HostIP
  • History

  • v1.0.0 – Initial release