Mojdeh | WordPress Greeting / eCard / Postcard Plugin

Mojdeh is a WordPress Plugin that converts image galleries to a powerful easy yet greeting / eCard / Postcard website. It’s based on the most popular Wordpress gallery plugin NextGEN Gallery so far. (we are planing to support more gallery plugins in next versions). It comes wth Background, Stamp, Audio/Music, Poem, Quote, Message, Watermark text, Schedule, Multi Recipients, SMTP, Logs, Shortcode, Statistics, Ads, and a lot more. Besides making & growing Email Lists of Senders & Receivers.
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Anniversary, Birthday, Thanks you, Congrates, Sorry, Love, Holidys, Events, Causes, Invitations, Sympathy, Support, Flyer, Christmass, Easter, New Year, Wedding, ThanksGiving, Mom’s day, Dad’s day, Students, Kids, Flowers, Work & Business, Milestones, Promotion, Retirement, Miss you, Cheer up, Encouragement, Kisses, Baby Shower, Pets, Take Care, Good Luck, New Home, New Car, Grandparents, Thinking of You, Get Well Soon, Inspirational, .. and a lot more uses, year after year.
Mojdeh Created with Twitter Bootstrap Framework.
All Mojdeh parts are Responsive and work perfectly fine with responsive themes.
Users can choose a background for eCards.
Users can choose a Stamp for eCards.
Users can choose an Audio or Music for eCards.
Users can select a Poem or Quote for eCards.
Users can add a Watermark Text to eCards that will be a part of card image.
Users can choose to send eCards immediately or schedule a date & time in futer and card will send automaticaly.
By Clicking Send as eCard button a dialog box will open to design eCard.
Users can access their eCards history and admin has full logs.
Users can send an eCards to more than one reciepent at once and Admin can edit Maximum recipients number.
Users can Upload their own images to use as an eCard.
Users can choose to receive a copy of sended eCards.
Admin can use shortcode to add eCard galleries anywhere.
Admin can choose to use phpmail or SMTP to send eCard emails.
Admin can see eCards statistics.
Admin can change the eCards Email title & content to add anything like Ads code.
Mojdeh is compatible with WPML WordPress Multi Language and has translation files.
Users have a panel to see their eCards.
Mojdeh has a Detailed Documentations with item and online.
Mojdeh Codes are organized and easy to modify.
Admin can change Mojdeh CSS styles at admin panel.
Admin can select galleries to work as eCard system or Activate all galleries with a checkbox.

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Full Features List


  • Responsive Design
  • Bootstrap 3 Framework
  • Lightbox (Dialog box)
  • WPML Compatible (WordPress Multilanguage)
  • Live card Preview
  • SMTP and phpmail support
  • Dynamic Cards Images

  • eCard Background : User can choose a background for card page.
  • eCard Audio/Music : User can select an audio or music for card.
  • eCard Stamp : User can select a postage stamp for card.
  • Watermark Text : User can input a text to add on the card image. (impossible to remove from card image)
  • – Watermark Text Font
  • – Watermark Text Size
  • – Watermark Text Possition
  • Poem / Quote : User can select a famous quote or poetry for card.
  • Message : This text will be on card image but it’s not a part of card image.
  • User Uploads : Users can upload their own images to send as eCard.
  • Multi Recipients : User can send an eCard to more than one recipients.
  • eCard History : Users can see their sent eCards.
  • Send a Copy : By selecting this option a exact copy of ecard will sent to sender email.
  • Schedule : User can choose to send card immediately or choose a date & time.
  • Preview : User can see a preview and edit it again before sending.

  • Select Galleries : Admin can choose which galleries should be activated to use for eCards.
  • WordPress Editor Button : Admin can add eCard galleries with a new button at WP editor.
  • Shortcode Support : Admin also can add eCard galleries using shortcode.
  • Max Recipients : Admin can set the maximum number of recipients or users.
  • User Upload Size : Admin can set the maximum size of user uploads.
  • eCards Customization : Admin can change the eCards title and contents. (advertisement for example)
  • – Tags : Admin can add some variables to Cards contents.
  • eCard Statistics : Admin can see full eCards statistics.
  • eCard Pieces : Admin can add or modify all eCard pieces to use by users. Backgrounds, Musics, Stamps, Poem, Quotes..
  • User uploads : Admin can see all user uploads.
  • eCards log : all cards that created.
  • Sent log : Successful sent eCards
  • SMTP Settings : Admin can set SMTP details (User/Pass/Ports)
  • Detailed Documentations : with item file and also available online.
  • Support : We provide Tickets Support for buyers
  • Assets Collection : Access to hand picked free graphics lists to use at your site.
  • Clean and Organized Codes to edit.

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    Twitter Bootstrap
    colpick Color Picker
    Bootstrap Datepicker
    php mailer
    Simple PHP upload class Images and Vector Graphics designed by, or downloaded through from their partners. ( for example)