WooCommerce CSV Import - Ecommerce Plugin

WooCommerce CSV Import – ECommerce Plugin

Create/edit your shop items in Excel and transfer shop items between websites quickly and easily. This ecommerce plugin is easy-to-use because it has:
  • Option Detection Your options are detected automatically so don’t have to select options when you import.
  • Simple Site Transfer The posts and users are identified by post_names and usernames rather than post_ids and user_ids which makes transferring items between sites simple.
  • Error Detection The plugin detects typos and other errors and creates an output file which explains what your typos are. You can edit the error file and upload it to finish the import.
  • Description

    WooCommerce CSV Import Plugin imports and exports products, variations, customers, orders and coupons so that you can download shop items and edit them in Excel before uploading them again to the same site or a different site. You can also create new items in Excel and upload them. The plugin imports tags, product categories and custom taxonomies. It also imports custom meta so that you can import e.g. SEO plugin data. This plugin minimizes the options you need to choose to make it easy to use. The plugin automatically detects your file type, column names, column delimiters and text enclosures. If you are uploading a post/user that already exists, the plugin updates the post/user. Otherwise the plugin creates the post/user. Posts and users can also be identified by sku, user_email, external order number or coupon code. WooCommerce CSV Import automatically detects any errors in your input file. The errors are explained in a csv file where you can correct the errors and upload the corrected file. The plugin has two options:
  • Delete Data Not In File You can delete all the items on your site that are not in the current upload file.
  • Match By Product Title You can choose to match existing products by their post_titles if no two products on your site have the same title.
  • Features

  • Option Detection The plugin auto-detects:
  • What type of file you are uploading
  • The import file’s text enclosure
  • The import file’s column delimiter
  • The columns in the import file
  • Error Correction
  • WooCommerce CSV Import detects typos in your input file and creates an editable output file that errors so that you can make corrections
  • Easy Transfer Between Sites
  • Post_name/username used instead of post_id/user_id so related products etc can be recognized on different sites
  • Recognises products by sku, etc
  • Import and Export
  • Products (all types of product in same file)
  • Simple Products
  • Variable Products
  • Product Variations
  • Grouped Products
  • External Products
  • Coupons
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Product categories, product tags, etc
  • Custom meta
  • Custom taxonomies
  • Product attributes
  • Options The plugin has these simple options:
  • Option to delete data not in the file
  • Option to match products by their titles
  • Sample Files