My Codecanyon Plugins - WordPress Plugin

Install & Upgrade WordPress Plugins purchased from Codecanyon marketplace right from your WordPress admin. No need to go through the tough way anymore (manually download, upload through ftp or wp-admin), enjoy hassle free plugin updates with just few clicks.

Main Features

  • Install plugins
  • Upgrade plugins
  • Search purchased plugin
  • Sort & Filter plugins
  • —Install/Download missing plugins over Envato API
  • —There are some plugin which are either old or haven’t been updated for long time. Those plugin’s aren’t available to get information through envato api. But, you can even add those plugins by entering their license key / purchase code.

    Upcoming Plans

  • Multisite compatibility
  • Track update frequency (how frequently a plugin is being updated)
  • Track your comments/questions for the plugin
  • Do we care ?

    Yes, we do. This item was priced higher, but we have requested to lower the price and take it to $8. Why ? So that you can use it, and take the best out of it. The present price shouldn’t be a big deal against the feature & usage of this plugin. As much as you love Codecanyon, so do we! And for that reason we developed this plugin to provide a smooth experience using Codecanyon Plugins.

    Important Notes

  • This plugins is helpful if you have bought several WP Plugins from Codecanyon marketplace and want to maintain the upgrades or installation hassle-free. You don’t have to ever manually download your purchased plugins or their upgrades from Codecanyon, our plugin will handle this job for you.
  • None of the plugin author will need to follow any instruction to get listed, all of your purchased plugin will show up or/and can be included
  • You can even upgrade this plugin. Everything works same as WP.ORG plugins
  • This plugin will be updated day to day to maintain compatibility and including new features.
  • Preview


    V4.1.2 - 14 Novermebr, 2014 -- Sort plugins by last updated time, name, or priority -- New filters to figure out important group of plugins fast, and smoothly V4 - 12 Novermebr, 2014 -- Capability to add missing plugins -- Hide unused plugins -- Export/Import settings V3 - 11 Novermebr, 2014 -- Visual Improvement, removed plugin description -- Bug Fixes V2 - 10 Novermebr, 2014 -- Included Search Feature -- Support for non-zipped plugin in the package V1 - 8 Novermebr, 2014 -- Initial Release