Super Store Finder for Wordpress

Super Store Finder for Wordpress

Super Store Finder for WordPress is a fully-featured WordPress Plugin integrated with Google Maps API v3 that allows customers to locate your stores easily. Tailor-made with intuitive responsive design for smartphones, tablets and touch screen devices. It has powerful store locator admin that allows you to manage stores, tags/categories and customize styles, colors, labels, notifications, regions and map settings. Setup is really easy and quick (Refer installation guide documentation here or a video guide here) and support is always reliable and fantastic.

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Main Features

A lot of new features have been added in this theme as below:
  • Easy to install and use Store Locator WordPress Plugin
  • Responsive Design and tailor-made for mobile devices
  • Supports Full Width Google Maps display
  • Full screen Street View feature
  • Extensive Map settings to show all stores, specific location or geo location.
  • Well-designed Store Filter with Collapsible Panel
  • Intuitive user-interface and notifications
  • Total stores counter
  • Manage Store Tags and Categories
  • Labelled map markers
  • Customizable Region
  • Customizable styles and colors via administrator
  • Customized labels and text captions
  • Features Highlight

    Fully responsive and tailor made for mobile devices Super Store Finder for Wordpress has intuitive responsive design with the highest aesthetic and is tailor-made for mobile and touch-screen devices. Powerful Wordpress Store Locator Admin Manage your stores, tags, styling, map settings, labels, captions, regions, etc via powerful store locator admin. Built-in Exact Geo Location Super Store Finder is built-in with exact Geo Location which allows your customers to route and get to your store outlets the easiest way. Extensive Map Settings Decide to show all stores, specific location or use geo location when customers start browsing your store locator Google Street View Enjoy viewing street view in huge scale screen size. Zoom, pan and navigate through the panoramic view of your favorite outlets world-wide Slick Collapse-able Panel Slick Collapse-able panel to showcase available categories/tags and available regions which can be fully customized via admin. Search stores by Region You can now search stores by region world-wide. As an administrator, you can customize point of interest which you can set for your customers to quickly know on your whereabouts. Set your own labels for your store locator For instance, if you would like to showcase clinics, you can customize the labels and captions to suit your store locator via admin settings. Customizable Colors and Styles Customize Colors and Styles for your store locator to suit your company and website branding / corporate branding. You can change the map color, panel colors, text colors and many more from the administrator’s panel. Fast and Reliable Support We provide fast and reliable support to our customers, whether its an inquiry, troubleshooting, customization and special requests. If you need help with installation, just send us a message via our profile page here. For knowledge base and forums you can visit the following links: You can visit and also follow us on envato for new releases and products here

    What are buyers saying about Super Store Finder

    “First, I would like to say…Great Job! One of the better store locator systems I have come across.”
    —gruberdesigns “I just bought this and started using it on my site within minutes. I am not a programmer and this was still very easy!”
    —amymariejones33 “Just purchased the Super Store Finder and it’s fantastic, exactly what my client needed and just the right level of customisation, so thank you for your efforts! Great value script.”
    —Anna Trundle “Fantastic product & best support. thank you…”
    —tansuokurer “This is the best store finder script on codecanyon! Keep up with a great job!”
    —Pinki You can find more reviews from real buyers in comments page.

    Changelog / Updates

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