WOOEXIM - WooCommerce Product Export Import Plugin

WOOEXIM is a quick easy and essential WooCommerce product to Export & Import your store products. You can export all the products or the product according the selected category in the plugin interface to a CSV file. Exported CSV file will be stored in your WordPress site as Archive you can download it any time. You can also import WooCommerce products from any CSV file. It supports importing hundreds or thousands of products at once. It uses ajax function for import. You can imports images via URL or local file path and imports hierarchical category structures.


  • Quick, Easy & Essential Export-Import System
  • Export Data to CSV File
  • Import Data from CSV File
  • Ajax Product Import System
  • Product Export Archive & Archive Management
  • Import Product Image by URL
  • Export Product with All Meta
  • Export All Product OR from Desired Category
  • Set Featured Image
  • Import Categories and Tags
  • Import entire hierarchical (parent/child) Category structures
  • Add Categories and Tags to Products by Category/Tag Name or ID
  • Easy Export and Import Interface