WP Stop Content Stealers

Content is king! Protect your unique work by using this plugin and BLOCK UNWANTED CONTENT SCRAPERS

Start protecting your valuable content from thiefs and avoid having duplicates on search engines

This plugin will help keep away programmatic content scrapers by protecting your VALUABLE CONTENT with a three layers of checks.

Similar to Google: Show CAPTCHA for suspicious “visitors” and never lose the REAL ONES.

Layer 1: this is the most basic stripping out programming languages user agents like cURL* (used by PHP and many others), libwww-perl (used by Perl language to scrape websites), scrappy (library used by Python, Ruby) and many others. Layer 2: A bot will always browse very fast and it will be able to “browse” a lot of your pages within a very low seconds range. The plugin detects this and shows a captcha to the “visitor” to make sure it isn’t a bot. Layer 3: Complex behaviour computation – a bot is set to crawl your site at the same time using a cronjob. We detect that by using a three day comparison. If such a scraper is detected, the guest is asked for a CAPTCHA to ensure it is legit! Also, to keep you updated with what’s happening in the background, WP STOP CONTENT STEALERS is logging everything so you can analyze: IP addresses asked for CAPTCHA and the result: (COMPLETED CAPTCHA OR FAILED) Demo wp-admin login details
url: http://wscs.crivion.com/wp-admin/
u: demo
p: demo